Friday, April 20, 2018

New Jersey Blood

The first bedlam-laden Free School show:
I caught Jeremy doing his madcap routine,
ribbing audience to leave. I didn't understand
then who Jeremy was, where he came from
(South Jersey), & why he worked unconsciously
to stay (& remain) small. The Highwire shows
were too high for his strident, unsorted softness.
Abandoned inhibitions rose up to high ceilings;
New Jersey squirmed, itchy for its children;
Jeremy slunk back, wine in hand, began snapping
pictures again. As he kneeled to get a special
angle on Mike Land, who stood reading at the
podium, I remembered Avalon as a teenager,
New Jersey at midnight, waves into emptiness.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

White Out

The imperative color
to be brushed in is purple,
I tell her, over canvas/kisses,
green like Ingres (Odalisques
over again, ours), so that I
might take the weight of
white out, spherical wrinkle-
coated burdens, lay them down
(whitely) in a big blast on
a cul-de-sac hieroglyph'd
surface of yours, which stretches
with melted glass, coated/slick
over the concupiscent canvas,
enacts a vague sun rising/disappearing
on a vulval horizon, yes all this
just to see you open your
mouth, humbled to be used
this way (I mean when it
happens you bow to it), then I leave-

(third parties gawk through a black door at us)

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Rising in Scorpio on Doc Player

The pdf Rising in Scorpio, which features Apparition Poems by Adam Fieled and Nine Paintings by Abby Heller-Burnham, is featured here on Doc Player

Friday, March 16, 2018

Butler Pike

The phenomenology of a recession-
consciousness rots, abraded by the obtrusiveness
of a dull, jagged populace- I stroll down
Butler Pike, snapping pictures of the houses,
& the buildings penetrate into my brain,
more than the people. Architecture is its
own phenomenological explosion, occupying
space inside/outside the mind, standing in now,
for better or for worse, for the people who
could occupy similar space- what I notice,
as sentience emanating from the buildings,
is that architecture is how the human race
expresses its relationship to nature. Here,
our choice is a sturdy yet ethereal harmony,

formidable, eerie, which foresees who might
occupy the houses, & yet chooses to manifest
the ornate over the plebeian, or merely practical.
When the ornate (the aesthetic) is set in place
in the Philadelphia suburbs, it is an expression,
also, of the region's apparitional vision, relation to
a wider world than even material nature; out
into physical space, into the cosmos, against
the restraining force of the earthly. So, in a
roundabout way, I get closer to the individuals
who have planned or charted the buildings
through allowing them (both) to seep into my brain.
Relationships, in recessional times, abstract
themselves- I stretch towards acceptance, spherical.

Sunday, February 4, 2018