Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A nifty hinge on WebCite

Another one from the tool shed: WebCite is an archiving site which offers sturdy durability, and also the ability to hinge page to page. This As/Is page from 2016 on WebCite, hinged to an Otoliths page from '17, makes the case for "hinges" (as this, also, does) as some of the more true gems possible to produce from the tools we have around now. Inter-plays between web pages, both inter-relational and interstitial, are another wave of the future, and fertile food for thought as Net archiving progresses through the century. Tri-hinges, anyone?

Friday, October 13, 2017

To Happy Valley

The State College townie kids, bound
to Happy Valley, got their kicks where
they found them, gave off an air of
ennui shot with doom (human life
having granted them no escape valve),
yet were accommodating to me. On
what it means to look around a small
town, and know that it is everything to you,
encompasses all you are, Lords over you
confining curses: to trip with these kids was
to understand these limitations, the magic
& the agony. Lisa smirked, skinny in her boots,
hair cut short but for the one fringe over
her left eye, & passed me water for the E high-

Lisa- after twenty years, the bathroom,
you remember, in The Coffee Cellar,
was all black, with a wide mirror.
Stoned, I dragged you (sweet sixteen) in there
to see if I could kiss you, wrapped in
black leather pants; you banged in
two-inch-high boots, tawny hair-fringe
there, over your eye. I got the kiss; we ambled
out hand in hand; wound up back in
again. You made me vow to you
something I can't remember. How
townie girls talked- I'd nod, get lost.
But the womb-space was complete-
we were safe, ascendant into space, hopeless-

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Order & Discipline

So, you had me on your chopping
block that day; the City Hall court
yard blazed with summer heat. We
were over, that was it. You wanted,
you said, some order & discipline in
your life. Chinatown simmered under
our feet; I looked (futilely) for a GO
board; you bought some incense. You
turned quickly, I tried to kiss you; you
resisted; it was close. Two brains tried
to coalesce into one, about love & us.
Epochs passed; I've got order & discipline
right here, in these lines, Ruth. I trust
you understand. Much of the rest is dust.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Halloween Again...

As we head towards Halloween again, and with the new e-book in circulation, I am left to reflect on what it means to live/work through a transitional time. Some home truths seem to be both stark and Halloween-ish; television, print media, popular culture are all bottoming out on an atrocious level of thoughtlessness and mediocrity. The vacuity of what's "around," in all these contexts, is breathtaking. Meanwhile, the world created from, and out of, the Internet, while it has to have some of the earmarks on the century XX world, has set in place the possibility that those with the brains and gumption to do so can forge their own worlds, universes, contexts. Is it that stark in 2017: the Internet set against the rest of America, or the rest of the world? I am given to wonder because, as the Halloween skull you see here being flown at 1521 Fayette Street in  Conshohocken, the contrasts are so stark, so deathly. If we are moving towards an era in which online universes win more of the time against the hollowed-out stuff, you can bet the plebeian sector of humanity won't be particularly happy about it; they'd gladly stay in century XX forever. But the individualistic portion of humanity, who dare to live beneath the surface and develop their cognitive capacities, will have a much easier time finding outlets for creative self-expression. That seems to me to be more important; even if the "skull" hovering around the endeavor, which suggests rancor and even physical violence, has to be flown, because between those of my kith and kin and the plebes it must, it seems, be never-the-twain.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Volo Coffeehouse, Manayunk

The Posit Trilogy was released September 9, 2017, as an Argotist E-Book. Posit, the first third of the Trilogy, was written in December/January '06/'07 in my Logan Square apartment in Center City Philadelphia, and released as a Dusie chap on June 9, 2007. The second and third portions of the Trilogy (Deposit and Re-Posit) were initially drafted here, at Volo Coffeehouse, on Main Street, Manayunk, in late August 2013. I re-drafted them earlier this year. Volo resembles the Last Drop in Center City Philadelphia very specifically; the high, coffered ceiling, large bay window facade, and general ambiance of all things indie, avant, and Bohemian distinguish it. I happened to be reading Augustine's Confessions as I drafted Deposit and Re-Posit; I also happened to be wearing all my Carnaby Street/Urban Outfitter's gear from the Aughts. And carrying a cigarette case. The coffee was super-potent.