Friday, August 4, 2017

Getting Tron'd Out

Computers, like architecture, I can still get mystical about. The big hang-up for me, as one playing the lit game (online and elsewhere), is this: the pursuit of the perfect webpage. Take it for granted, given the context, that I mean webpages related to poetry and literature. So, pilgrim-like, I have gone, and continue to go, in pursuit of the perfect webpage, and begin to get Tron'd out, as I realize, as most serious computer heads realize, that both webpages and the insides of computers are at least semi-sentient. Tron, a feature-length motion picture, was not as far-fetched as may have been supposed. So, if you have an almost perfect webpage established, it can be worked, trained, groomed, and unleashed all over again, if you can master the right stretch, compress, and archiving tricks; as though, of course, it were a child eager to perform, ready to learn. And all the warped proportions and strange juxtapositions of the architecture in King of Prussia are mirrored inside a hard drive used to push the human brain forward the right way.

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